Federal Funding for Research

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Resources and Reports on R&D Spending
A robust array of data (recent and historical) on U.S. R&D investment, with a particular focus on funding for health-related research and development.

U.S. Investment in Global Health Research
Research!America’s summary of public and private sources investing in global health research

Research Funding by State

Understanding the Federal Budget

Federal research funding is crucial to our nation’s health and economy.

Research supported by agencies like the NIH not only bring about medical advancements but also create jobs, promote innovation, and ensure the continued safety and well-being of Americans. Efforts to cut the overall federal budget, however, frequently target research. This happens despite strong public support, making Research!America's advocacy - and yours - crucial in influencing the federal budget process.

Want to get involved? Learn about the federal budget process and the individual outlook for research agency budgets. You can also read about the current budget situation and have your questions answered in our FAQ.

Stay informed about the federal budget so you, too, can help make health and medical research a priority.



Examples of Federally Funded Research Studies

Federal funding supports scientific research at universities throughout the country. Learn more about innovative studies and their implications for improving the health of Americans.  


Greater support for NIH among decision-makers and opinion leaders

Research!America has collected recent quotes from opinion leaders and decision-makers. The quotes speak to their support for increasing science and research funding, and emphasize the importance of federal funding for research. To view the quotes, click here


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