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The U.S. Should Lead in Research.

Which of the following statements is closer to your view – A or B? Total Science and Technology R&D Expenditures as Percentage Share of GDP

Statement A: It is important that the U.S. is a leader in medical and health research.
Statement B: It does not matter where in the world medical and health research takes place, U.S. consumers will benefit regardless.

Source: A Research!America poll of U.S. adults conducted in partnership with Zogby Analytics in January 2015. Source: Battelle and R&D Mag, Global Funding Forecast, 2014.

Competitiveness Resources

Read some of the materials developed by Research!America and other organizations; let your elected officials know that investing in research and education are essential to maintaining the United States' global leadership.


Global health R&D has led to major advances against diseases like polio, meningitis, and guinea worm. Global health research combats diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases. It is also a vehicle for job growth and economic activity in the United States. Progress is made by researchers every day around the U.S., leading to treatments and cures for diseases that take lives here and abroad while strengthening our economy and promoting global stability and security. For more information about global health R&D, click here

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