NIH Releases Grant Review Process Videos

The NIH’s Center for Scientific Review released a video June 16, “NIH Peer Review Revealed,” to better instruct researchers in the workings of the grant application review system.

The video gives viewers an inside look into how a panel of recruited researchers rates applications on a numeric scale and discusses their merits and shortcomings in presentation, idea and innovation.

A second video “NIH Tips for Applicants” briefly offers advice from panelists to applicants for NIH grants. Several speakers featured in the video emphasized the importance of telling a good story which clearly and repeatedly conveys what the researcher wants to do, what they will do, and how their work will advance science in that particular field.

Both videos reflect recent enhancements to the NIH peer review and grants system, explains the NIH press release. According to “NIH Peer Review Revealed,” 70% of the major discoveries and Nobel Prizes in medicine and physiology are attributed to scientists in the United States, and The NIH funds the majority of these efforts. The NIH assesses more than 80,000 grant applications annually to ensure that the majority of their $31 billion budget going to researchers will lead to significant advances in science and health.

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