Emeritus Director Eugene Garfield’s Work Influenced Google

Eugene Garfield, PhD, Emeritus Director of Research!America and namesake of the Garfield award, may be considered the grandfather of Google.

According the Library for the Health Sciences’ Hardin, MD blog with the University of Iowa, Garfield’s breakthroughs in citation analysis as a means of structuring, organizing and linking bodies of knowledge in scientific libraries together paved the way for PageRank, the system of mathematics behind Google search.

The blog quotes Guy Liotta’s 2009 article in Wired magazine:

Citation-based ranking schemes … are increasingly the coin of the online realm. Understanding and quantifying reputation is the best approach to navigating the tsunami of information on the Internet. That’s why Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin cited Eugene Garfield in their academic work on PageRank, the algorithm that powers their company’s search engine.

To learn more about Garfield and his work with the Scientific Citation Index, see his bio page on our site.

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