bilibuzz: Get your Sci-Tech Election On

The Honorable John Edward Porter, Research!America chair and former Illinois congressman, spoke at the AAAS Science & Technology Forum last week. His points inspired a blog entry at, a blog about popular science, archaeology, nature and future buzz:

“…if you want science to once again become a national priority in the Unites States, it’s your patriotic duty, says Porter, to either: (a) run for office; (b) volunteer to be your candidate’s science adviser, if he or she doesn’t already have one or has one that you don’t like; or, for those of us employed, (c) carefully school yourself on the candidates and their positions on key issues, like embryonic stem cell research, climate change and science education, then urge your candidate to bring those issues front and center in their campaign.”

Research!America’s voter education initiative, Your Candidates-Your Health, is also linked from the site.

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