January Member Spotlight: The American Society of Hypertension

The American Society of Hypertension (ASH) was founded in 1985 to facilitate communication among basic scientists, clinical researchers and others involved in the study of hypertension. Today, the New York City-based organization publishes two journals and provides resources for practitioners.

The organization’s membership is made up of researchers and clinicians; soon to be leading the way is President-Elect William B. White, MD, professor of medicine and chief of the Hypertension and Clinical Pharmacology Division, Calhoun Cardiology Center at the University of Connecticut Health Center, who has been with the society since its founding.

ASH aims to take the latest biomedical research and understand how it can help hypertensive patients and their families. It does so with an annual scientific meeting, various regional and satellite symposia, and through the production of two journals: The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, which focuses on clinical treatment, and the Journal of the American Society of Hypertension, which focuses on translational research. In addition, the society has expanded its focus to the management of comorbid illnesses seen often in patients with hypertension, such as obesity, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, and heart, kidney and brain disease.

Research!America plays an important role in ASH’s mission.

“Our major mission at this point in time is to disseminate the latest medical knowledge from research to physicians in practice and the patients who they treat,” White said. “So we do need the visibility that [Research!America] has in order for people to be aware of all the things we do.”

To learn more, visit www.ash-us.org.

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