Tennessean: Candidates’ Stand on Funding for NIH is Vitally Important

An op-ed by former Research!America intern Andrew Gore, a third-year medical student at Vanderbilt University, appears in today’s The Tennessean.

With the presidential debates coming to town today, Nashville gets to show that it is more than just a city of great music.

Only four of the 30 Tennessee candidates have responded to Research!America’s questionnaire at www.yourcandidatesyourhealth.org to share their positions on issues affecting health care and research.

The only way to find out if our elected officials are going to support NIH funding is to ask them.

I have. Have you?

Many thanks to Andrew for getting this important information out to the readers of The Tennessean. Tune in to the debate tonight to see if Andrew’s question gets asked to the candidates!

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