Houston Chronicle: Stem Cell Research

An editorial by Kirstin Matthews, PhD, a Science and Technology Policy Fellow at Rice Univerity’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, appeared in this weekend’s Houston Chronicle.

Matthews cites public opinion data on stem cell research from from a Research!America poll showing that a majority of Americans support federal funding for stem cell research. The broader scope of her article is on the need for increased federal oversight to regulate stem cell research.

The government must also outlaw any effort to clone a human being, regardless of the source of funding. Human reproductive cloning has been denounced by scientists and policymakers around the world. Fourteen states and more than 40 countries have already banned the practice. This increased federal involvement reflects public sentiment. Public support for stem cell research has increased over the past seven years, with 56 percent of Americans supporting federal funding according to Research!America. And approximately two-thirds of Americans agree that there should be a uniform federal stem cell policy.

Read Matthews’ op-ed here.

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