2009 Research!America Advocacy Awards Dinner

Seven outstanding advocates for health were honored at our annual Advocacy Awards program on March 24. The Honorable Arlen Specter, recipient of the Legacy Award, spoke about continued advocacy for the National Institutes of Health. From Science’s blog, ScienceInsider:

“What we need to do is start with $40 billion next year rather than $30 billion,” Specter said amid sustained applause. The event was the annual Advocacy Awards dinner for Research!America, which gave him its Legacy Award for his longtime support for biomedical research.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi received the Whitehead Award and spoke about science in the new administration. From Fox Business:

“Doubling the NIH budget was not possible without Research!America. Our inside maneuvering relied on your outside mobilization. We need your help again to make President Obama’s executive order on stem cell research the law of the land.”

Continue reading about The Honorable Pelosi and Specter’s awards here and here. Research!America’s Twitter feed also provides live coverage of March 24’s events. Additionally, the Advocacy Awards were mentioned through the Vermont Business Magazine, The Washington Times and Genetic Alliance.

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