Stem Cell Battles: 2009 World Stem Cell Summit Exceeds All Expectations

Don Reed, Vice President for Public Policy at Americans for Cures Foundation wrote a detailed post about September’s 2009 World Stem Cell Summit on his blog Stem Cell Battles. Reed participated on a panel, “Stem Cell Action—A New Agenda for Advocates” with Research!America President Mary Woolley.

Mary Wooley, President of Research!America, said much that resonated with the room; you could feel that tingle when speaker and audience connect.

We need to raise the overall awareness of science in America, she said. If you ask a citizen to name a scientist, they will usually think of Einstein, but after that…usually no one. How many movie stars, athletes, politicians can we name? Dozens. But folks whose work saves lives and eases suffering? We need to bring scientists into the public eye, as the fascinating people they are.

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