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Dollar Inputs Not Matching Health Outputs

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

It’s just a midsummer night’s dream to imagine that the $120 billion or so that is pumped into medical research in America would produce better results. But it isn’t so.

Today’s wake up call on the embarrassing gap between U.S. know-how and U.S. can’t-do comes from the influential Commonwealth Fund, which released a study today showing America in last place among industrialized nations in mortality from preventable causes.

The study looked at 37 measures of health, and the United States is dead last, behind Ireland and Portugal – not bad places to visit, and apparently not as bad to get sick in.

Among the reasons cited by Commonwealth are less access to the health care system and improvements in outcomes in the other countries. Still, we spend more and get less, which is not the American way of life. It is the American way of illness.

This study’s findings illustrate Americans’ lack of access to health care. The promise and payoff of research can’t be realized without access.

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