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National Science Board Releases Science and Engineering Indicators 2010

Monday, January 25th, 2010

The National Science Board, governing body of the National Science Foundation, released a “report card” for science and engineering in the U.S., including data on R&D spending, public attitudes towards science and where the U.S. stands compared to other nations. Kei Koizumi, assistant director for federal research and development with the Office of Science and Technology Policy, wrote a post for the OSTP blog about what the Indicators mean for the Obama administration, which has shown its support for science in the past year.

The latest edition of Indicators tells us that the state of U.S. science and engineering is strong, but that U.S. dominance of world science and engineering has eroded significantly in recent years, primarily because of rapidly increasing capabilities among East Asian nations, particularly China.

[T]he Obama Administration is committed to evidence-based policymaking and making data used for policymaking accessible, relevant, and timely. Indeed, the President himself has on many occasions reiterated his deep appreciation of the importance of science, engineering, and technology to finding solutions to the many challenges that today face the country, including building a prosperous and innovative U.S. economy of the future, reducing dependence on foreign energy sources while mitigating the impacts of harmful climate change, and delivering high-quality health care to every American.

Koizumi’s post is available here and the report is available here.