The Science (and Art) of Polling

Webinar for Research!America Members
February 21, 2013

As a service to our members, Research!America, in association with our public opinion polling partner Zogby Analytics, is pleased to offer a special opportunity to participate in an informative webinar that will provide an overview of the mechanics and science of public opinion polling.  The webinar will take place on Thursday, February 21 from 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time). Register online to receive a link to access the webinar prior to the event.

The Science (and Art) of Polling, a webinar featuring nationally recognized pollster John Zogby, senior analyst with Zogby Analytics, will share with Research!America members the basics of public polling, how to determine what questions you want to ask, and how to write effective poll questions. Individuals affiliated with Research!America's member organizations are invited to participate in this special 90-minute webinar to learn how public opinion polling can enhance your organization's communications and advocacy efforts.

For more than 20 years, Research!America has commissioned public opinion polls as an essential strategy to support our advocacy and communications efforts. Data obtained from polling has proven highly effective in demonstrating to policy makers the public's overwhelming support for federal funding for health research. We continue to stay close to the pulse of public sentiment on a variety of issues impacting the health and biomedical research ecosystem. In response to growing usage and demand, Research!America has expanded its portfolio of polls, which includes state, national and issue-specific polling. A summary of the past year's poll data can be viewed in our recently released America Speaks, Poll Data Summary: Volume 13.

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