Statement by Research!America president and CEO Mary Woolley on President Trump’s Joint Address to Congress

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

During his first address to Congress, President Trump movingly acknowledged Rare Disease Day and the importance of finding solutions to what ails us.  With no known cure for the more than 7,000 rare diseases and disorders, speeding medical progress is essential for patients like Megan Crowley. That's why it's necessary to assure that the Food and Drug Administration and other federal health agencies have the resources and expertise to make the discovery, development and delivery of new medicines a reality -- sooner, rather than later. It is also fundamentally important to maintain rigorous safety and efficacy standards to ensure the treatments Americans receive live up to their promise.  We were proud to honor Megan's father John Crowley at our Advocacy Awards Dinner in 2013, saluting his determination and helping raise awareness of what it will take to find a cure that would save the life of his daughter and many more.

We are optimistic that President Trump's budget priorities will reflect his vision that "cures to illnesses that have always plagued us are not too much to hope." With robust funding for research and smart policies to further drive public and private sector innovation, we can help Megan and millions of others realize their dreams.


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Without research, there is no hope.
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