Research!America has been gauging public opinion on research to improve health since 1992, and our publications get the word out about advocacy initiatives, the day’s top issues, the importance of continued research and more. 

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America Speaks, Poll Data Summary

Research!America annually publishes a summary of results from our most recent public opinion surveys. Use this data in letters to the editor; op-eds; newspaper articles; letters to and visits with elected officials; speeches; talking points; congressional testimony; town hall meetings and debates; and policy statements. America Speaks: Poll Data Summary, Volume 14 was published in March 2014.   

Annual Report

Research!America's annual report is a look back at our accomplishments of the previous year, released at our annual meeting each March. Our 2013 report is

Innovative Advocacy for Research.

Issue Reports

We have developed two series of one-page reports to highlight the benefits of research to improve health.

  • The Investment in Research Saves Lives and Money series, founded in partnership with the Mary Woodard Lasker Charitable Trust, focuses on the social and economic impact of research that improves health.
  • Other fact sheets developed by Research!America demonstrate the value of public and private sector medical and health research by examining the impact on patients, the impact on the economy and the impact on a particular region.


Our award-winning monthly newsletter, The Research Advocate, features articles about advocacy initiatives, research funding, research in the news and news from members. Browse selected articles.

See our newsletter archive to download the latest and past issues in PDF format. To download issues prior to September 2009, please contact us at

Investment in Research Reports

Research!America has been tracking and analyzing the various streams of funding that make up the total U.S. investment in health research for a decade, and trends tell us we are headed in the wrong direction.

To understand the current investment in global health research, Research!America tracks how much the public and private sectors in the U.S. invest in research on diseases and conditions that primarily affect poor populations in low- and middle-income countries.

Porter's Principles

In 2009, Research!America created Porter's Principles , a fact sheet to help advocates follow tips from our chair The Honorable John Edward Porter in reaching out to Congress to make research a higher priority. The fact sheet includes advocacy messages and tips for successful meetings with elected officials and their staffers.

Research Takes Cents

Research!America's signature Research Takes Cents messages compare selected American leisure spending to the costs associated with conducting research. Low levels of research funding are not a result of the money not being available - it's just spent elsewhere.


Research!America's Then-Now-Imagine messages describe the state of a condition or disease years ago (then), how research has improved the situation (now) and what further research might bring in the future (imagine).  

History of Research!America Polling

Research!America has many years of experience gauging public opinion on health research. See a comprehensive list of the state and national polls we have commissioned since 1992.

For more information on our public opinion polling, please contact us at

An analysis of more than a decade of our public opinion data, "Public Attitudes and Perceptions About Health-Related Research," by Mary Woolley and Stacie Propst, PhD, appeared in the September 21, 2005, issue of JAMA. Read the article (subscription required).

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