Research!America has been gauging public opinion on research to improve health since 1992.



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History of Research!America Polling

Research!America has many years of experience gauging public opinion on health research. See a comprehensive list of the state and national polls we have commissioned since 1992.

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America Speaks, Volume 12America Speaks

Research!America annually publishes a summary of results from our most recent public opinion surveys. Use this data in letters to the editor; op-eds; newspaper articles; letters to and visits with elected officials; speeches; talking points; congressional testimony; town hall meetings and debates; and policy statements. America Speaks: Poll Data Summary, Volume 14 was published in 2014.

Your Candidates-Your Health Poll

As part of the Your Candidates-Your Health constituent education initiative, Research!America and our partners commissioned a national poll featuring questions that correspond to those we asked of Congress. Results of the 2011 poll  show strong support for research as a solution to our health and economic challenges.  

Analysis of Polling in JAMA

An analysis of more than a decade of our public opinion data, "Public Attitudes and Perceptions About Health-Related Research," by Mary Woolley and Stacie Propst, PhD, appeared in the September 21, 2005, issue of JAMA. Read the article (subscription required).

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Complete Poll History
A comprehensive list of state and national polls commissioned by Research!America since 1992

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