Our publications get the word out about advocacy initiatives, the day’s top issues, the importance of continued research and more.

Why Invest in Research?

Research!America's new trifold brochure showcases how health and medical research saves lives and helps the economy.

Sequestration Report

Research!America unveiled a report on sequestration — or blunt, across-the-board cuts — to demonstrate the potentially devastating impact these cuts could have on federally funded research to improve health. Download the report here.


Research!America advertises in selected national and local media outlets, both in print and online. We encourage our members and others to use the ads in their advocacy efforts, including outreach to elected officials.

Porter's Principles

Porter's Principles  is a fact sheet to help advocates follow tips from our chair, The Honorable John Edward Porter, in reaching out to Congress to make research a higher priority. The fact sheet includes advocacy messages and tips for successful meetings with elected officials and their staffers.

Speeches and Presentations

Click here to see speeches and presentations by Research!America leadership.

Research Takes Cents

Research!America's signature Research Takes Cents messages compare selected American leisure spending to the costs associated with conducting research. Low levels of research funding are not a result of the money not being available - it's just spent elsewhere.


Research!America's Then-Now-Imagine messages describe the state of a condition or disease years ago (then), how research has improved the situation (now) and what further research might bring in the future (imagine).

Public Health Toolkit and Related Advertisements

As part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded Prevention Research Institute, Research!America and our partners created a public health advocacy toolkit and a series of print ads highlighting the day-to-day benefits that prevention and public health research delivers to Americans.

These ads, spotlighting chronic diseases and unintentional injuries, emphasize the leadership role that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plays in protecting Americans' health from needless suffering. They are available for download through our toolkit, along with materials for our annual initiative, Public Health Thank You Day. On the Monday before Thanksgiving, we pause to thank public health workers across America for keeping us safe.

Our partners in Public Health Thank You Day include: