Members of Congress and their staff will find value in a number of our materials:

  • U.S. Investment in Health Research: our comprehensive estimate of how much the United States invests in health research.
  • Research Funding by State: where does your state rank in health research funding? Find out with our interactive map.
  • Public Opinion: find out where your constituents stand on health and research.
  • Ask Your Candidates!: as part of your campaign for office, let voters know where you stand on health and research issues.
  • Issues that Matter: we have compiled background resources by policy topic for easy reference.
  • Issue Reports: our fact sheets cover specific diseases, benefits of research and interdisciplinary research. They are a great place to start when gathering background information on health and research topics.
  • U.S. Investment in Global Health Research: we estimate how much the United States invests in research to improve health around the world.
  • About Research!America: learn more about our mission, leadership and members.