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  • Issues that Matter: find resources by topic to help you learn about and advocate for policy issues, including stem cell research, prevention and public health, and investment.

Porter's Principles
  • Keys to Effective Advocacy and Advocacy FAQ: use these tips and tools to advocate for research to improve health.

  • Issue Reports: use our fact sheets on specific diseases, benefits of research and interdisciplinary research to educate yourself and others.

  • About Research: learn a few basics about how medical and health research are funded and the results of recent discoveries.

  • Tell Congress What You Think: find e-mail tools and sample messages to urge your elected officials to support medical research.

  • America Speaks, Volume 12Public Opinion: find out where the American public stands on health and research.

  • Research Takes Cents: we compare selected American leisure spending to the costs associated with conducting research.

  • Then Now Imagine: view examples of the state of a condition or disease years ago, how research has improved the situation and what further research might bring in the future.

  • The Research Advocate: read selected articles from our award-winning monthly newsletter.

Research!America's chair, The Honorable John Edward Porter