Researchers can learn how to advocate for research to improve health. Advocacy is the right of every citizen.

Advocacy Resources
Use these tools to advocate for research to improve health, including downloading Porter's Principles , which has tips for meeting with your Members of Congress and their staffers.

Tell Congress What You Think
Find e-mail tools and sample messages to urge your elected officials to support medical research.

Public Opinion
Research!America has been gauging public opinion on health-related research since 1992.

Research!America produces a number of publications, including a monthly newsletter, annual report, brochures, articles and advertisements.

Issue Reports
Research!America has developed two series of one-page reports to highlight the benefits of research to improve health.

Public Health Toolkit and Advertisements
As part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded Prevention Research Institute, Research!America and our partners created a series of print ads highlighting the day-to-day benefits that prevention and public health research delivers to Americans.

Research Takes Cents Messages
Research!America's signature Research Takes Cents messages compare selected American leisure spending to the costs associated with conducting research.

Then-Now-Imagine Messages
Our Then-Now-Imagine messages describe the state of a condition or disease years ago (then), how research has improved the situation (now) and what further research might bring in the future (imagine).

U.S. Investment in Health Research
Research!America tracks how much the public and private sectors in the U.S. spend on health research in annual estimates.

Other ideas for taking action:

Practice talking about your work in three sentences or less.

Use messages that work:

  • Use everyday language
  • Help others imagine the health benefits your research could produce
  • Talk about the benefits your research brings to the local economy
  • Tell personal stories about the research done in your lab or institution; help others get to know the people behind research in their community

Make it impossible to say:

  • “I’ve never heard of NIH…
  • “I’ve never heard of CDC…
  • “I can’t name a research institution…
  • “I can’t name a researcher”

Make it impossible to ignore research:

  • Let your elected officials know about research done in their district
  • Write letters to the editor of the local paper about research in your community
  • Offer to speak to local business and community groups

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Research!America leadership and board members often speak out on the need to advocate for more federal funding for health research.

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