Research!America's award-winning Your Candidates-Your Health is the only national voter education initiative  focused on research to improve health.

For the 2012 elections, Your Candidates-Your Health asked candidates for President and for Congress to share their views on research and health-related issues. Responses to the 2012 questionnaire and previous responses are available on the Your Candidates-Your Health  website. The results are presented in an easy-to-use format, searchable by ZIP code, state and candidate's name.

Research!America and our partners ensured that research to improve health was part of the national conversation during the 2012 campaign and that the public was informed of elected officials' positions.

Responses were received from:

       - President Barack Obama

       - Governor Mitt Romney

       - 98 Democratic congressional candidates

       - 33 Republican congressional candidates

       - 25 Third-party congressional candidates



Pictured above, panelists included (Left to right) The Hon. Kweisi Mfume (Research!America Board Member and former Member of Congress), Mary Woolley (Research!America President and CEO), Matthew Cooper (Editor, National Journal Daily) and The Hon. John Porter (Research!America Board Chair and former Member of Congress).

On November 15, 2012, Research!America and our partners in Your Candidates-Your Health discussed the results of the 2012 initiative and  the landscape for research advocacy following the election.

In 2006, Research!America and the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation established Your Candidates-Your Health to educate voters on their candidates' views on health and research.


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