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Research!America actively connects with our members to provide engaging programs and materials that underscore the immense value and economic return that research can provide. To become a member of the Research!America alliance, please click here.

Research!America welcomes partnerships on our initiatives including:
Advocacy Awards

Sponsorship Levels: 
Corporate Host - $200,000
Sponsorship - $10,000-$100,000

The annual Advocacy Awards were established in 1996 by the Board of Directors to honor outstanding advocates for medical, health, and scientific research. The awards recognize individuals and organizations whose commitment to advocacy for research and innovation has advanced medical and public health progress in profoundly important ways. The full complement of awards and honorees are outlined here.

Early-career Scientist Summit

Late Spring/Early Summer 2022 

Support Levels: 
Lead Sponsor - $125,000 
Supporting Sponsorship - $25,000

In 2021 we presented our first early-career scientist Summit, Reaching the Peak: A Science & Technology Career Summit, and we are pleased to continue this program.

The one-day virtual event allows early career researchers the opportunity to explore an array of career paths, network with fellow researchers, participate in professional development workshops, and engage in meaningful discussions around issues critical to the success of the R&D ecosystem.

The goals of this event include: familiarizing a diverse group of young scientists with various career paths in the life sciences; involving them in civic engagement activities; bringing them into the conversation about how to increase R&D workforce diversity and how to overcome other challenges bearing on the future of R&D; underscoring the reality that medical, public health, and scientific progress are not the sole purview of one sector - that progress depends on a strong R&D workforce dispersed across the public, private, and academic sectors.

National Health Research Forum
September 2022 (dates TBD) 
Support Levels: $10,000-$100,000

For more than 20 years, the National Health Research Forum has gathered top federal officials, leadership from across our broad membership, and distinguished national media to take an unvarnished look at issues that are vital to the well-being of our nation, our economy, and most importantly, patients. To view the agenda and recording of the last National Health Research Forum, click here.

Public opinion surveys
Support Amounts: 
National Poll: $40,000 - $50,000
State/Local Poll: $25,000 - $32,000

Research!America’s public opinion surveys have measured public perception of research issues since 1992. To date, we have commissioned more than 130 surveys, in 47 states and nationally, to measure a variety of topics related to research and medical progress. Surveys are conducted by a well-respected, reputable polling firm and a full survey report prepared by Research!America. Survey results have appeared online and in opinion pieces, letters-to-the editor, and news articles in national and regional publications.

Educational Webinars & Virtual Briefings
Support Levels:  $35,000-$45,000

Research!America typically hosts one to two webinars/briefings each year on topics of mutual interest to Reserch!Amercia and our partners. The programs typically take the shape of a 90-minute, moderated panel discussion with Q&A. The speakers are representative of the research ecosystem – including panelists from academia, industry, patient advocacy organizations, and, at times, government agencies. Topics discussed include basic research, drug development, the patient voice, as well as health economics

Target audiences include Research!America alliance members and their networks, congressional staff, and members of the general public. In addition to heavily promoting the live webinar, it is added to our online library, promoted post-event on social media, shared with our academic members for use in the classroom, and featured on our website.

Partners have the opportunity to add a fact sheet to support the webinar. The factsheets, often used as a “leave-behind,” serve as a quick reference source on the topic of interest for congressional health LAs and LCs. The factsheet is promoted during and after the webinar to Research!America alliance members, congressional staff, the broader network receiving the CEO’s Weekly Letter, partner coalitions in the biomedical and public health arenas, and to the general public. Link to example one,  two, three.  

Fact sheets
Support Levels: $15,000
To illustrate the social and economic impact of medical and health research, Research!America established the Investment in Research Saves Lives and Money series of fact sheets. Each factsheet focuses on one or a set of conditions or health topics and includes current statistics, examples of cost- and life-saving benefits of research and the story of a patient who has thrived or survived thanks to research. Partners have the opportunity to collaborate with Research!America to add topic-specific fact sheets to the library. Research and writing is completed by Research!America and partners have the opportunity to review and offer input. 


For more information about partnering with Research!America, please contact Katie Goode, Senior Director of Alliance Development and Membership, at 703-307-0283.

The capabilities are enormous, a little bit of research can pay off quite a bit in the long run.
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