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2022 National Health Research Forum



Event Overview 

For more than 20 years, the National Health Research Forum and its partners have gathered top federal officials, leaders from academia, patient advocacy, industry, and the philanthropic community, and distinguished national media to take an unvarnished look at issues vital to the wellbeing of our nation, our economy, and patients across the globe.  

The theme of the 2022 Virtual National Health Research Forum is Straight Talk: Then, Now, Imagine. What can we learn from hard-won progress against deadly and debilitating health threats?  How can we leverage how far we’ve come to turbo charge the pace and reach of progress going forward?  The theme of this forum is how to stand on the shoulders of giants to defeat threats that rob us of health, hope, and time. 

With your support, we will host meaningful conversations to: 

  1. Capture the power of research & development (R&D) to revolutionize health and health care.  
  2. Reveal and explore missed opportunities, gaps, and challenges that must be addressed to ensure scientific discovery conveys the benefits of progress to all.
  3. Confront current and looming health threats that receive inadequate attention, at a potentially catastrophic cost to future generations.   

Topics under consideration for this year’s Forum include:  

1) Straight Talk About DEI

  • Clinical Trial Diversity: Defining – and crossing – the finish line 
  • Achieving a Diverse Workforce 

2) Public-Private Partnerships:

  • Leveraging the Foundational Principle Behind Fast-paced Progress 
  • Maximizing the Impact of ARPA-H  

3) When Hope, Health, and Lives Hang in the Balance: Exploring issues at the intersection of public policy and medical progress 

4) Patient Empowerment:

  • Tracing the Path of Patient Engagement:  Then, Now, Imagine  
  • Research that Empowers Action 
  • Beware of Blind Spots

5) Technology Platforms: The What, Why, and How of a Medical Progress Powerhouse

6) Trust in Science: Exploring the Meaning of this Complex Societal Challenge 

  • Deconstructing the Problem 
  • Tackling Misinformation/Disinformation 
  • Public Engagement by Scientists 

In a typical year, the Forum hosts approximately 30 federal and congressional leaders, nearly 100 guest speakers and 1,300+ registered participants. See here for details and clips from last year’s event and the complete 2021 agenda. Peruse 2021 event agendas for Day 1Day 2Day 3. 

The first two days of the event will be virtual and available to our national and international audiences, providing the majority of the Forum content – panels, fireside chats, patient speakers, etc. On day three, September 21, 2022, sponsors and special guests will be invited to a late afternoon, in-person reception held in Washington, DC. The event will include a short program and guests will have ample time to connect, re-connect, and network.  

The audience spans and extends beyond the U.S. R&D continuum, including:  

  • Patients and individuals with senior level positions in patient advocacy organizations
  • Students in scientific disciplines and established researchers  
  • Government relations and Csuite personnel from industry, academia, independent research institutes, philanthropies, and scientific societies 
  • Executive branch and Congressional staff
  • Members of the general public.  

Wpublicize the event widely through traditional media, social media, and geo-targeted marketing. Each year, the Forum speakers and topics gain media interest. Last year, approximately 20 different media outlets covered parts of the Forum.  

Join us and together we will create:  

  1. New and re-energized advocates for medical and health innovation. 
  2. A shared awareness of concrete strategies that can be carried forward to speed progress.  
  3. The prospect for new collaborations within and between the participants and audience members.  

Please contact kgoode@researchamerica.org to learn more about related sponsorship opportunities.  


Thank you to our sponsors