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To ensure science agencies receive robust funding and federal policies are aligned behind securing faster medical and public health progress, your representatives in Congress need to hear from you. Click on the links and “Take Action” buttons below and follow the steps to contact your elected officials and encourage them to fight for robust support of science, fast-paced medical progress, and advances in public health!

Your actions make a difference! In the last year over 7,300 emails have been sent to members of Congress urging the importance of funding for research. 

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Support faster medical, health, and scientific progress in FY22

President Biden is expected to release his FY22 funding request soon. This formally kicks off the annual appropriations process. We can begin to weigh in now - use this editable email to urge your Members of Congress to support faster medical, health, and scientific progress by championing the highest levels of funding possible for our nation’s research agencies in FY22. Please reach out today!

Provide supplemental funding to close research gaps

The Administration and Congress have yet to address the major setbacks to federally-funded research that COVID-19 has engendered. We must continue to push for action. Your Members of Congress can encourage Congressional leadership to provide supplemental funding to address research funding gaps. Use this editable email or tweet to make the case to your Members of Congress.

Shore Up Research Capacity and Build Support for the rISE Act

The Research Investment to Spark the Economy (RISE) Act has been introduced in both the House (H.R.869) and Senate (S.289). This crucial legislation authorizes approximately $25 billion for NIH and our nation’s other research agencies to use in addressing research funding gaps created by COVID-19. Urge your Members of Congress to champion the resources needed to shore up our pandemic-weakened research capacity by signing on as a cosponsor (and thanking them if they already have). The more Members who sign on, the more momentum will grow for research relief!

Urge congress to adopt budget parameters to support research recovery

While President Biden's Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) budget request is not expected to be released until late spring, conversations are already underway about FY22 appropriations. Despite the never more evident need to bolster our nation’s research & development (R&D) capacity, some members of Congress are likely to push for an overall cap on non-defense “discretionary” (non-entitlement) spending so low that increased funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and our nation’s other research agencies would not be feasible. Our nation cannot afford to shortchange R&D at the expense of medical and public health progress, economic competitiveness and our country’s ability to out-innovate known and emerging threats to the health, security, and wellbeing of us all. Use this editable email to urge your Members of Congress to weigh in with House and Senate Budget Committee leadership in support of budget parameters that permit our nation to respond to the hard lessons of COVID-19 and grow our nation’s R&D capacity. You can also use the editable Tweet to Tweet at the President and urge him to include robust increases for our nation’s research agencies in his budget request. Faster health, medical, and scientific progress is at stake!


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