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To ensure science agencies receive robust funding and federal policies are aligned behind securing faster medical and public health progress, your representatives in Congress need to hear from you. Click on the links and “Take Action” buttons below and follow the steps to contact your elected officials and encourage them to fight for robust support of science, fast-paced medical progress, and advances in public health!

Action Alert: Urgent: Medical Progress is at risk

July 20, 2020: The U.S. Senate could act as early as this week to introduce a supplemental spending bill. Over the weekend, it was reported that the Trump Administration is against including emergency funding in the next supplemental spending bill for NIH and other federal health agencies. Among the ramifications if the Administration position holds: no funding to provide cost supplements to NIH grants reprogrammed or stalled by COVID-19. When grant-funded research can’t move forward, the medical progress these grants were meant to propel would be squandered, wasting time patients (and we are all patients) cannot afford. Your representatives in Congress can weigh in, championing NIH cost recovery funding on behalf of patients today and tomorrow. Please take action now to make the case.

Action Alert: Support Research Relief and Faster Progress

July 16, 2020: With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of abating, Members of Congress are working on two funding tracks to ensure our nation has the resources it needs to continue this fight - Fiscal Year 2021 appropriations and emergency supplemental appropriations. Advancing a fifth emergency spending bill that replenishes COVID-19-eroded research funding is essential. Write your Members of Congress to urge them to continue working on a supplemental spending bill that includes research relief funding, and to complete the FY21 appropriations process on a timely basis. Reach out today!

Action Alert: Take a Stand Against Dangerous, Pre-Pandemic Budget Caps

July 9, 2020: Members of Congress are hard at work on the Fiscal Year 2021 appropriations process, which will determine the annual budget for NIH and all of our nation’s research agencies. But a cap on non-defense discretionary (NDD) spending that was imposed before the COVID-19 pandemic struck is undermining their ability to fund U.S. priorities like science and technology. We can’t defeat COVID-19 or longstanding threats like cancer and Alzheimer’s if we underinvest in basic research. Write your Members of Congress today to urge them to stand together in opposition to the pre-COVID-19 budget cap that is so out of touch with the unprecedented time we are in.

Revitalize Research Funding and Provide Flexible Spending Caps

Members of Congress are working on two separate federal funding efforts: a fifth supplemental spending package and Fiscal Year 2021 funding bills.  The supplemental is the right home for funding to replace the grant dollars absorbed by COVID-19-related research delays and reprogramming, while the FY21 appropriations process will determine the annual budget for NIH and all of our nation’s research agencies.  Write your Members of Congress today to urge them to include funding to revitalize biomedical R&D in the next supplemental spending bill and to provide flexibility under the pre-COVID-19 budget caps to speed crucial medical and broad-scale scientific progress.

Support Emergency Funding

Make the case!  As a research advocate, you know that any delay in restoring lost research funding and time in the lab will slow medical, health, and scientific progress.  Ask your Members of Congress to be a champion for at least $26 billion in emergency funding to restart research stalled by COVID-19.  If cost replacement resources aren’t in place when labs are able to re-open, patients will be left waiting even longer.  Use this editable mail to remind Congress that research delays rob patients (and we are all patients) of desperately needed medical progress.

Share your support for boosted AHRQ Funding!

Click on the links below to send a tweet:

TY @SenBlumenthal for championing the funding @AHRQNews needs to fight #COVID19. #AHRQ is the frontline to ensure quality healthcare via research, strategy development, & data analysis. Patients & healthcare workers deserve the answers that AHRQ supplies:

Thank you @RepDonBeyer for fighting for @AHRQNews in the next spending bill, so this lead healthcare agency can find solutions for #COVID19 healthcare challenges. Patients and healthcare workers need answers now:

Q: @senatemajldr @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @GOPLeader Is #COVID19 #telemedicine reaching everyone in the nation? We need answers to questions like these: Please fight for answers, patients, healthcare workers by funding @AHRQNews in the next spending bill.

sustain our nation’s federally funded research enterprise

Members of Congress are continuing their legislative efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Representatives Diana DeGette (D-CO) and Fred Upton (R-MI) are circulating a “Dear Colleague” among their fellow members of the House of Representatives requesting that they sign onto a letter in support of $26 billion in COVID-19 relief to help sustain our nation’s federally funded research enterprise. You can read the "Dear Colleague" and letter text here. Urge your Representative to sign onto the letter and support funding for scientific and medical researchers!

Thank your members of congress for bipartisan action on covid-19

Members of Congress have been hard at work in recent weeks passing legislation to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Working together in a bipartisan manner, Congress has passed (and the President has signed) three bills designed to bolster the response to the outbreak and address the serious and significant impacts of COVID-19 on Americans’ health and wellbeing, personal safety, and financial security. Take a moment to say thank you and urge them to keep working together to support efforts to save lives and stop the pandemic!


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