Continuing Resolutions Stop Progress

It's time to complete the FY20 budget process

Calling all research advocates!  Advocacy works. Congress and the White House could have defaulted to long-term flat-funding CR, setting budget negotiations aside through this fiscal year or even through the elections, but instead they have agreed to keep working on FY20 appropriations. Our job now is to reinforce, and keep reinforcing, their efforts. Our nation needs a new budget that deploys more dollars to combat threats like drug resistant superbugs, the escalating incidence of Alzheimer’s and cancer, the relentless toll of opioid addiction, under-the-radar scourges like sepsis and migraine and MS, and the plethora or rare diseases like sickle cell anemia that cause untold suffering and loss.  We need your help to assure Congress and the White House put a new budget in place. We have less than one month, and if advocates don’t help build momentum, those weeks will slip by without action.  

CR’s provide temporary funding. What does this mean? For starters: a lack of funding certainty with long-term projects stalled. This is a drag on scientific discovery and other public health imperatives. If this CR deadline passes, another stopgap measure – even a year-long CR – will squander even more medical and public health progress. 

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