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use social media to thank public health heroes

Social media is an excellent way to get the word out, and we hope you will help us thank public health professionals, using the official hashtag: #PHTYD

Below are some sample Tweets and Facebook posts to help guide your conversations.


Public health workers fight epidemics, like the #opioidcrisis, & prevent injury to keep us healthy. #PHTYD

Public health experts seek solutions to diseases that lower quality of life. Say thanks! #PHTYD   

73% in U.S. say it’s imp. to conduct research to eliminate #healthdisparities. #PH experts can help! #PHTYD

The work of #publichealth professionals runs the gamut, from disease #research & injury prevention to outbreak cessation. #PHTYD

Why not take the lead in thanking your #publichealth heroes? Click here to learn how! #PHTYD

Nov. 20 is Public Health Thank You Day! Help us thank public health heroes for their life-saving work. #PHTYD

Thanksgiving is near so join @ResearchAmerica in thanking all the #publichealth heroes who work to keep our minds and bodies healthy! #PHTYD

Click here for a list of sample daily tweets for each week leading up to November 20. 


First responders, educators, and researchers are among our nation’s many public health heroes. They are a key ingredient in creating and sustaining healthy communities nationwide and globally. Make sure you tell them thanks! #PHTYD.

Do you remember a time when a public health professional worked to help you and your community? If so, thank them for that today! #PHTYD

Thank you to all the federal, state and local #publichealth heroes who keep us safe from the #flu, #chronic #illnesses and other diseases throughout the year. #PHTYD

Thanks to all the (YOUR STATE) health inspectors, #public health researchers, sanitation workers and (ADD additional public health professions) for protecting us from health threats. #PHTYD

On November 20, 2017, (MEMBER ORGANIZATION) joins @Research!America and leading U.S. public health organizations to recognize public health professionals and their ongoing efforts to protect the health of all Americans. #PHTYD

It’s #PHTYD! Give thanks to the local public health professionals who strive to keep you and your family, friends, and pets healthy in body and mind.

Public health hero thank you certificate

Give your hero a thank you certificate! Download an editable certificate template

Banners and Images

Download Public Health Thank You Day banners to share on social media:

PHTYD Long Banner

PHTYD Small Icon 

Write a Letter to the Editor

Submitting a letter to the editor can be a way to publicly thank public health professionals in your local media outlet. Tailor the LTE to your state or public health organization. Download the template in an editable Word document.  

Sample LTE

This Thanksgiving week, let’s thank our <INSERT NAME OF STATE/CITY> public health professionals who are committed to overcoming challenges and finding solutions to protect the health of all Americans. They dedicate their time and energy to combat public health crises such as the opioid epidemic and other health threats. These heroes keep our children safe from infectious disease by developing and disseminating vaccines, promote mental health for our veterans and community, and help prevent injuries, among many other efforts!

Along with Research!America, a non-profit alliance representing 125 million Americans, <YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME> will mark Monday, November 20, as Public Health Thank You Day and salute our public health heroes by <INSERT EXAMPLES.>

To learn more, please visit


Tailor the press release to your state or public health organization. Download the template in an editable Word document.  

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