Aspects of Research

Bench to Bedside: Drug Development Pipeline
Learn about the process to bring innovations out of the laboratory and into the doctor’s office.

Reasons for Research
Patients and scientists explain why medical and health research must be a higher national priority.

Research Funding and Economic Impact of Funding by State
Profiles of each state including the sources of investment in research, statistics for health-related industries, and highlights from local economic impact studies.

Federal Funding for Research
To understand how changes in the federal budget affect individual agencies, it’s important to see how funding for those agencies has changed over time, and could change in the future.

Research Takes Cents
Research!America's signature Research Takes Cents compare selected consumer spending to the costs associated with conducting research. Research Takes Cents examples are easy to drop into a conversation, and they are particularly effective when used in presentations with images.

Resources and Reports on R&D Spending
A robust array of data (recent and historical) on U.S. R&D investment, with a particular focus on funding for health-related research and development.

If concerted, long-term investments in research are not made, America will lose an entire generation of young scientists.
Brenda Canine, PhD; McLaughlin Research Institute, Montana