Student Advocacy

Research!America seeks to empower early-career researchers to become articulate spokespersons for science and research to public officials and their communities alike.

For more information about student advocacy and our civic engagement intiatives, check out our blog post on student advocacy or contact Caitlin Grzeskowiak, Science Outreach Coordinator

Learn about our MICROGRANTs!

Research!America recently launched our 2019 civic engagement microgrant program for student and postdoc-led science policy groups. Research!America is providing funding to groups of young scientists in activities of their design that focus on civic engagement and elevating the importance of scientific research, innovation and public health in the national conversation to increase awareness among public officials and local community leaders. 

Check out our new Science Meets Science initiative.

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Resources for Student Advocacy

Students may also wish to explore the many resources on our website:


Research!America Presentations to Student Groups

Research!America President and CEO Mary Woolley frequently delivers keynote addresses to early career scientists around the nation. 

Previous Voter and Civic Engagement Initiatives

Research!America has also led initiatives promoting civic engagement and non-partisan voter education. Follow the links below to learn more!

  • Bipartisan Civic Engagement Initiative: The 2018 Civic Engagement Initiative awarded grants to ten science policy groups, led by graduate students and post-docs. By facilitating conversations among candidates, the public, and citizens invested in science, these groups worked to make scientific research is an issue of high local and national priority. Check out the 2018 grantees here.

  • Raise the Caps: This campaign centered on the annual return of budget caps under the 2011 Budget Control Act, placing science funding in jeopardy. Each year since then, Congress must pass- and the president sign- a bill raising the budget caps. Without this measure, cuts to science agency budgets are inevitable.

  • Your Candidates. Your Health.: In this initiative during the 2018 midterm elections, Research!America worked to educate voters on their candidates’ views on health and research and equip them with the information to become advocates, urging candidates to make scientific, medical and health research a higher national priority.

  • Campaign for Cures: This national voter education initiative led by Research! America during the election season promoted medical research and innovation.Through strategic grassroots activities, communications initiatives and partnerships with preeminent voter education groups, Research!America raised awareness about the importance of sustaining medical progress.

Policy Contacts

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