Mary Woolley Weekly Advocacy Messages

Dear Research Advocate:

The recent presidential town hall debate didn’t even touch on the critical role science and research 

With Kavli, Janssen, Lasker, Heinz and Nobel announcements made at this time of year, we all have an opportunity to salute scientific accomplishments, and also focus more public attention on science. 

First, it is not too late to sign up for our webinar, The Microbiome Initiative: A Closer Look

News this week from researchers in Brazil on hearing loss in infants 

“Delivery” has been in the spotlight this week 

The party conventions mark the official start to the general election. 

Today, the House Labor-HHS appropriations subcommittee marked up its FY17 funding bill, which includes funding for NIH, CDC and AHRQ. NIH received a $1.25 billion increase, $750 million less than the Senate increase.

If you’ve read Ron Chernow’s “Hamilton,” you know that the partisan stand-off we are witnessing in the House, and more broadly across the nation, is not new. 

The news from the CDC this week is concerning.


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