Mary Woolley Weekly Advocacy Messages

The current continuing resolution (CR) expires tomorrow. Congress has yet to reach agreement on FY16 appropriations, so they will buy more time to hammer out a funding package by passing another CR lasting til midnight Wednesday, December 16. 

I hope you’ll pardon this weekly message arriving a few days early. This week gives each American a special opportunity to reflect on all that makes us grateful.

"Never Settle" is the empowering guiding theme used by Janssen Pharmaceuticals to underscore the emphasis the company places on innovation to benefit patients. In my visit to their Spring House, PA, site today to participate in a worldwide town hall, I was struck by how their theme epitomizes the advocacy drive and determination of Research!America and all our partners in advocacy for research.

Over the course of his last few weeks before retiring, Speaker Boehner worked with fellow House and Senate leaders and the President to fashion a budget deal 

Pope Francis’ visit to Washington has been a breath of fresh air, but now Congress must get to work and reach a funding agreement that avoids a government shutdown beginning October 1st. 

There is still time to join us -- virtually -- at today’s sold-out Health Research Forum. WebMD is livestreaming the event, which will begin a little before noon EST at the Newseum in Washington, DC.

Throughout its 26-year history, Research!America has been fortunate to attract extraordinarily gifted and dedicated national leaders to its Board of Directors. One such leader, the Honorable Louis Stokes, passed away on Tuesday

Strange bedfellows? Not when it comes to research advocacy. 

Congress has postponed further action on patent reform. 

The “moment” for research that we’ve been experiencing on Capitol Hill is being echoed by Presidential candidates; is this perhaps the start of a wave of conversation on the campaign trail?


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