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Alexandria, VA ’€“November 15, 2012’€“ The authors of a landmark study on the use of electronic medical records (EMRs) to reduce infant mortality will receive the 2012 Garfield Economic Impact Award. Amalia R. Miller, PhD, and Catherine E. Tucker, PhD, are being honored for their paper, ’€œCan Health Care Information Technology Save Babies?’€ The award, presented by Research!America, recognizes economists whose work contributes to our understanding of the ways in which medical and health research ’€“ and new, research-based technologies and treatments ’€“ impact the economy. The award is supported by a grant from Merck & Co., Inc. The study, published in Journal of Political Economy ,...

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If concerted, long-term investments in research are not made, America will lose an entire generation of young scientists.
Brenda Canine, PhD; McLaughlin Research Institute, Montana