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A graphic from a recent amfAR report shows the potential loss of life because of across-the-board cuts, or sequestration. Research!America’s report on sequestration detailed the devastating impact that the sequester, or across-the-board cuts that are scheduled to take place in 2013, will have on federally funded research to improve health. Now, a recent report by amfAR trains the focus of sequestration on global health. Just as we found, amfAR reaches the same conclusion: Sequestration isn’t worth the cost. The cuts would save $689 million ’€” or 0.63% of the required deficit reduction for FY13. And at what cost? HIV/AIDS treatment for 273,000 fewer people, potentially leading to 62,000...

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America’s economic destiny lies in innovation, technology, science and research.
The Honorable John E. Porter