Patient advocate Rebecca Black suffered for nearly a decade, undergoing numerous surgeries and dozens of doctor visits, before being accurately diagnosed with endometriosis. Black is not alone. Nearly three-fourths of women with endometriosis experience a misdiagnosis, and it can take almost seven years on average for a woman to be accurately diagnosed. Speakers representing academia, providers and patients discussed ways to address the often-debilitating condition during the Society for Women’s Health Research’s April 10 panel discussion in Washington, D.C. Endometriosis, abnormal tissue growth outside the uterus, can lead to severe pain and infertility. Despite the fact that it affects at...

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Without continued support for health research, many of the most promising young scientists, their ideas and a myriad of potentially life-changing scientific breakthroughs will vanish into oblivion.
Paul Marinec, PhD; University of California San Francisco