2015 Lasker Award Winners Announced


The 2015 Lasker Awards, a prominent award recognizing achievements in medical research, were announced on Tuesday with scientists honored for their work in determining how DNA repairs damage to keep the genome intact, cancer research and the response to the Ebola crisis.  Scientists Stephen M. Elledge and Evelyn Witkin received the Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award for their discoveries concerning the DNA-damage response, a mechanism that protects the genomes of all living organisms.  James P. Allison received the Lasker~Debakey Clinical Medical Research Award for discovering and developing monoclonal antibody therapy that unleashes to the immune system to fight cancer.  His work includes using immune system cells, or T-cells, to attack tumors which could lead new breakthroughs in how cancer is treated.  Finally, the Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award was awarded to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), a physician’s organization, that responded swiftly to the Ebola crisis setting up treatment centers in affected areas.  When Ebola outbreak occurred in Africa last year, claiming thousands of lives, MSF jumped into action and worked diligently to help infected patients.  The Lasker Foundation was founded with the mission of improving health by accelerating support for medical research.  The Lasker Awards recognizes the contributions of scientists, clinicians and public servants who have made significant contributions to finding diagnosis, treatments, preventions and cures to deadly diseases.  For more information about the Lasker Foundation, Lasker Awards or the 2015 award recipients, please visit their website at www.laskerfoundation.org.

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