Call on Congress to take action and give America cures, not cuts


As the Memorial Day Congressional recess ends, we wrap up our week of social media engagement with a strong message to our representatives: go back to Washington, DC and give us cures, not cuts! Medical and health research has already improved the quality of life for so many Americans. Thanks to cancer research we have better treatments for melanoma and cardiovascular research  has yielded drugs and devices that have saved lives across the U.S.

So many scientific developments are at risk without sustained federal funding. The need for research in neurological disorders like Alzheimer’€™s and multiple sclerosis is significant. Scientists agree that sequestration is already hampering disease focused research and driving scientists away from research careers here in America. Will policymakers ignore the needs of the American people?

Today, we reiterate our request that Congress restore funding to the federal research agencies that have been crippled by sequestration. The first order of business must be to stop sequestration! This decade of cuts to research will slow the progress of medical research and weaken America’€™s position as a global leader.

We ask Congress to allocate $32 billion for the National Institutes of Health to support biomedical and health research in FY14. Additionally, to continue meeting the needs of the American people, we are asking that our representatives on Capitol Hill provide $7.8 billion to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, $2.8 billion to the Food and Drug Administration, $434 million to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and $7.6 billion to the National Science Foundation in  FY14. It is only when all of these agencies are fully supported and funded that the entire research ecosystem can continue to deliver innovative medical devices and new treatments.

Proposed spending levels for FY14 are moving us in the wrong direction. The House appropriations bill would cut nearly 20% more on top of sequestration from federal agencies like the NIH and CDC. The Senate has not yet voted on appropriations bills for FY14, but experts estimate that the House and Senate appropriations will be vastly different. This will require a great deal of compromise to find a middle ground. Members of Congress from say they support biomedical research. It is time for them to walk the talk. Take action today and tell your representatives that we need cures, not cuts!

Contact your representatives by email and through social media today. On Twitter use the hashtag #curesnotcuts to join the national call to action. 

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Funding research gives all of us a better chance of living a healthier life.
Pam Hirata, heart disease survivor