Join us for #CuresNow Development Week August 8 - 12!


In the development phase, scientists conduct translational research using clinical trials and other research paradigms to refine and apply the knowledge gained through basic research to develop lifesaving treatments. 

We hope the final Cures package modernizes clinical trials and increases participant diversity, encourages the development of new antibiotics, incentivizes research into treatments for rare diseases and diseases afflicting children, breaks down data silos, invests in regulatory science and incorporates patient perspectives into the research and regulatory process.




Take action!

  • Join our Twitter chat on Wednesday, August 10 at 1:00 pm EST with the Association of Clinical Research Organizations on clinical research using #CuresChat.
  • Feature blog posts from academic clinical researchers, industry members and others about their work, the importance of clinical trials, how the development process translates basic research into medical products and the FDA regulatory process. 
  • Have you participated in a clinical trial or conducted translational research? Share your story. 
  • Post an infographic describing the lengthy drug development process.

Share tweets about the development phase of research.

About the initiative:

Congress needs to get the Cures legislation across the finish line in September. 

Join the Save Lives. Support Cures. advocacy initiative throughout August to show strong support for finding cures and modernizing our nation’s research and innovation ecosystem. Follow, engage, and connect your Cures message using the hashtag #CuresNOW. 

There are several easy ways to join the initiative this month:  

  • Send a #CuresNOW tweet via Twitter directly to House and Senate members.  
  • Call your representatives and urge them to support this lifesaving act Friday of each week in August
  • Send a message to House and Senate members to finish work on the Cures bill.
  • Sign up for the #CuresNOW Thunderclap campaign on or before August 24
  • Check out our Twibbon to add a #CuresNOW banner to your Facebook profile picture, and more!

Need a refresher on the Cures legislation? Read the House 21st Century Cures Bill section by section summary here and the Senate Health Committee press release on the progress of the companion legislation here.

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The capabilities are enormous, a little bit of research can pay off quite a bit in the long run.
Paul D’ Addario, retinitis pigmentosa patient