Join us for a Memorial Day Congressional Recess Social Media Advocacy Week: May 27-31


During the Memorial Day Congressional recess, Research!America invites all research stakeholders to join us in sending a strong message to Congress to Make Medical Research a National Priority. We’€™ll focus on a different theme for Facebook and Twitter messaging each day to show the wide ranging impact of biomedical and health research on our lives and communities. Follow us on Twitter @ResearchAmerica and use the hashtag #curesnotcuts to join in the national conversation. We will also be posting updates on our Facebook page and encourage you to engage your representatives on Facebook as well.

On Memorial Day Monday, we’€™ll remind Congress about the role of medical research in addressing traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other medical conditions that affect our troops. A robust investment in medical research will help improve treatment for TBI. We’€™ll also be sharing links and resources to directly contact your representatives, identify their social media accounts and learn more about medical research in your community.

Tuesday we invite our members and followers to express how medical research impacts their hometown. Does a regional research center support the local economy? We encourage you to include your town name and the Twitter handle of your representatives in your message or post directly on their Facebook page.

On Wednesday we’€™ll turn our focus to patients and invite them to speak up about how medical research has improved treatment or management of their diseases. Tell your story and consider including personal photos in the message to your representatives.

Thursday is the day we’€™ll look ahead to the future of medical research. What innovative research is at risk with funding cuts? Do you work in a basic science lab trying to find cures for complex diseases? We have to paint a clear picture of what is at stake under a decade of sequestration cuts to medical research! Tell your representatives that we need #curesnotcuts.

At the end of the week, we will ask our representatives to protect medical research funding. It’€™s not enough for them to reply to or re-tweet our messages; they need to take our stories and our requests with them back to Washington, DC to impact funding decisions. Hold your Representatives and Senators accountable, they are supposed to be representing you and the health and well-being of all Americans!

Don’€™t have a social media account but still want to participate? Consider visiting your representatives in a district office and call or email them while they are in town. You can also write a letter to the editor of your local paper and ask that it run during the Congressional recess.

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