New National Public Opinion Survey Reveals Shifts in Public Perception of Clinical Trials

Caitlin Grzeskowiak

An overwhelming majority (86%) of Americans say discussions about clinical trials should be a part of standard of care, according to the latest national public opinion survey commissioned by Research!America. The most recent survey found 37% of Americans say they would ‘very likely’ participate in a clinical trial if their doctor recommended, an 11% increase from 2013 but a strong majority (74%) say neither their doctor nor other health care professional has ever talked to them about medical research.

“The option to participate in a clinical trial, when appropriate, should be a routine part of the health care encounter and ACRO will continue to work with Research!America and others to spread that message to doctors and patients alike,” said Doug Peddicord, executive director of the Association of Clinical Research Organizations(ACRO).

Eighty-four percent are willing to share personal health information, assuming that appropriate privacy protections are in place, so researchers can better understand diseases and develop new ways to prevent, treat and cure them, a 10% increase from 2013, and 82% say they would share information to advance medical research, a 9% increase.

“More and more Americans appear to recognize the value of clinical trials – a very positive sign, but stubborn barriers to participation remain in place,” noted Mary Woolley, President and CEO of Research!America.

The survey shows more than half (55%) say individuals do not participate because of lack of awareness and information, followed by “too risky” (43%), lack of information about the process (41%), and lack of trust (38%).

New findings also reveal Americans are embracing technology for data sharing. A majority (72%) of respondents say they are likely to use technology such as apps, phones and monitoring devices to share their personal health data for clinical research.

For the fully released survey results, click here.

For the full press release on new survey results, click here.

Caitlin Grzeskowiak is a Research!America Communications Intern.

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