Once upon a time, a scientist had an idea …

John J. Seng, CEO, Spectrum Science Communications

Each blockbuster drug, every novel vaccine or innovative therapy now heralded as a lifesaving miracle had the humblest of beginnings – as a project in a scientist’s lab. Through years of study and millions of dollars invested, these discoveries became the groundbreaking treatments that changed people’s lives. A scientist’s idea and a medicine’s path to patients who need it is one of the best stories out there, and we at Spectrum get to tell it every day.

Spectrum is a proud member of Research!America. We are a public relations firm serving clients exclusively in health, medicine and life science, and we share Research!America’s passion for medical research and the promise of scientific discovery.

It is Spectrum’s privilege to support companies and organizations whose lifeblood is medical research. To us, health care communications is more than a job. It’s a calling. Spectrum gets the science that makes our clients stand apart, and we share their discoveries with the world through the art of storytelling.

We understand and relate to our world through the stories we read and hear. It’s how Spectrum teams break the news about a new cancer treatment developed at  The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center- James Cancer Hospital or connect policymakers with the important work of the Personalized Medicine Coalition. Through stories, Spectrum has helped the Society for Women’s Health Research spotlight the need to include women in clinical trials and connected children with an ultra-rare disease worldwide to the support and promising clinical trials of the Progeria Research Foundation, recipient of  Research!America's prestigious Paul G. Rogers Distinguished Organization Advocacy Award.

Telling a compelling story to the right people is a powerful way for organizations and companies to meet some of the challenges facing medical research today. While proving the safety and efficacy of a new treatment is critical, it’s no longer enough. Companies must also show the value of a new drug, in reduced cost and patient quality of life. Patients can be a mighty ally in conveying this message, and in building support for research that leads to life-saving treatments.

Quality medical research is a long-term proposition, and it requires a hefty public and private investment. Research!America members can do our part, addressing the need for greater investment with our own constituencies. Start by more effectively telling your own stories, celebrating your science and the value of medical research. Leverage the power of communications. Engage more fully with your audiences. Interact and encourage stakeholders to speak up and push for greater recognition and funding for medical research.

We’ll know we’ve “arrived” when the merits of investment in medical research are seen by the public as much of a “no brainer” as is owning a life insurance policy, getting a college education or buckling seat belts. That day will come sooner if we who are committed to Research!America all begin tell our stories more clearly and effectively.


To learn more about Spectrum, please visit our website or join us on LinkedIn and Twitter. To discuss your communications needs with our team, please email info@spectrumscience.com to schedule a consultation.

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Without research, there is no hope.
The Honorable Paul G. Rogers