Research!America Releases New Poll Data Summary

Anna Hatch

Public support for medical and health research remains strong even during times of transition in government. In the newly released America Speaks, Vol. 17, Research!America’s compilation of recent public opinion survey data, 80 percent of Americans say it’s important for President Trump to assign a high priority to putting health research and innovation to work to assure continued medical progress. A majority of Americans (52%) are also willing to pay $1 per week more in taxes if they were certain that all of the money would be spent on additional medical research.

The survey booklet covers a variety of topics including public opinion on national priorities for 2017, research and public health, stem cell research, economy and competitiveness, and opioid addiction and research.

Many Americans agree that scientists should have a role shaping policy for a range of issues including medical and health research, and a significant number (79%) say investing in research is important to job creation, technological breakthroughs and economic growth. Seventy-two percent of respondents say it is important for the federal government to support incentives for private sector investment in new treatments and cures.

Other highlights in the booklet include the views of Ohioans and Georgians on research issues related to health disparities, education, and the economy.

The link to the poll data summary can be found here

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