Campaign for Cures Launches Online Ad Campaign

Campaign for Cures

The Campaign for Cures Election 2016 blog features news, analysis, commentary and data about the presidential candidates and congressional races in key states on issues relevant to medical progress. Janice Lloyd, former USA Today senior editor and health reporter, manages The Campaign for Cures blog. You can reach Janice at   Follow Campaign for Cures, a national voter education initiative, on Twitter and Facebook and visit

Campaign for Cures Launches Online Ad Campaign


With Election Day a few weeks away, voters still have time to ask presidential and congressional candidates their plans to advance medical and health research.  To help ramp up these efforts, Research!America and partners have launched a Campaign for Cures online ad campaign urging voters to ask their candidates for President and Congress their views on medical progress. The ads, which are running during the month of October in key states and in the DC metro area on websites affiliated with CQ Roll Call, are driving visitors to the Campaign for Cures website ( The site features an interactive map with more than 500 candidate quotes on public and private sector medical innovation, and links to the C4C pledge which encourages voters to ask their candidates about research, the C4C blog, and tools for engaging in the election year conversation.

To join the conversation online and stay up-to-date with news related to medical and health research and the election, follow Campaign for Cures on Twitter (@Campaign4Cures) and Facebook 



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Source: A Research!America and poll of U.S. adults conducted in partnership with Zogby Analytics in September 2015.