Campaign for Cures Engaging Candidates at Events

Campaign for Cures has been engaging with candidates at rallies, town halls and other events, to ask candidates what they would do to support medical and health research if they were in office. Check back here for updates from the C4C team as they attend more events throughout the 2016 election season!

Bernie Sanders George Mason University Rally

Supporters of Campaign for Cures turned up for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders’ rally at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.Thousands of people attended, including C4C supporters who wore our buttons to the event. (October 28, 2015)




Hillary Clinton Rally

The Campaign for Cures team attended Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s rally in Alexandria, Virginia. During a fiery speech, Clinton spoke about income inequality and healthcare. The team asked Clinton if she supports funding for medical research and agencies such as the NIH, “Thanks for that, absolutely, we need more,” she replied. (October 23, 2015)




John Kasich Town Hall 

The team traveled to Richmond, Virginia for Republican candidate John Kasich’s town hall at the University of Richmond which drew hundreds of supporters. He spoke on various topics including the economy and mental illness. Kasich told the Campaign for Cures team that he “absolutely” supports funding for medical research. (October 5, 2015)




Washington, D.C. Rally with GOP Candidates 

The Campaign for Cures team attended a D.C. rally that featured Republican candidates Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz. When asked if he supports funding medical research, Ted Cruz responded “Absolutely, and in fact we just held a hearing in the Commerce committee that I chaired on that exact issue.” Our signage caught the attention of Trump. (September 9, 2015)

Presidential Candidates Should Participate in Debate on Science

Source: A Research!America and poll of U.S. adults conducted in partnership with Zogby Analytics in September 2015.