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What is Campaign for Cures?


Campaign for Cures is a national voter education initiative launched by Research!America and partners to elevate medical research and innovation in the national conversation this election season. Through strategic communications, grassroots and on-the-ground activities, the initiative educates voters and candidates running for national office about the health and economic benefits of public and private sector research.

The Campaign for Cures team have attended rallies, town halls and other events. Click here to see the events and candidates C4C supporters have connected with during the 2016 election season. 


Campaign for Cures online advertisements are running in key states during the month of October. Learn more here.


Why Should You Participate?

Medical innovation must be a higher national priority to address current and emerging health threats, strengthen our economy and maintain our nation’s competitive edge in science and technology. We must educate candidates running for national office about the importance of speeding medical progress to benefit the lives of all Americans. Increasing public awareness about the research ecosystem and the role of the public and private sector in the discovery, development and delivery of lifesaving treatments to patients is critical to boosting federal support for medical and health research.  A majority of Americans say elected officials are not doing enough to combat deadly diseases, according to polling commissioned by Research!America.

How to Participate

Take the pledge to engage candidates about medical research during the election season. Share your personal stories, photos and videos on how research improved quality of life. Send candidates a message about medical progress via email or social media. We’ve put together a toolkit with sample messages, as well as templates for an op-ed or letter to the editor. The more voices engaged in conversations about medical progress, the more likely candidates will respond.

Arm Yourself with Information

Read our fact sheets on the health conditions and treatments, including Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, vaccines and Parkinson’s disease. 

Research!America has been gauging public opinion on research to improve health since 1992, including issues related to public and private sector research. Review our latest polling data.

Review background information on the range of issues that Research!America advocates for: federal funding for research, strengthening private sector R&D, disease prevention and public health, global health, social sciences and behavioral research, and more.

For the latest news on medical and health research, click here

Campaign for Cures Goals
  • Elevate medical research in the national conversation during the election season and galvanize support among voters and candidates running for national office. Cultivate more champions for medical innovation in Congress and the White House.
  • Encourage voters to ask candidates their views on issues affecting the pace of medical progress. Disseminate positions of candidates to voters through various communications channels.
  • Increase public awareness on how public and private sector research contributes to the health and economic security of our nation.
Campaign for Cures in Action
Research!America discussed the value of medical innovation and released new state survey data on the public perceptions of medical research and drug development at the Georgia BIO Summit on September 28 in Atlanta. 

Research!America submitted a letter to debate moderators, urging them to pose questions to the presidential and vice presidential candidates during the upcoming debates about what they would do to advance medical progress. 


Research!America has submitted letters to the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee requesting that the need for faster medical progress and the importance of public and private research feature prominently in the 2016 Party Platform. 


Research!America president and CEO Mary Woolley testified to the Democratic Party Platform Drafting Committee on June 17 in Phoenix, Arizona. Click here to view the testimony. 

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Source: A Research!America and ScienceDebate.org poll of U.S. adults conducted in partnership with Zogby Analytics in September 2015.