Support Campaign for Cures: Vote for medical progress

Campaign for Cures, a national voter education initiative led by Research! America and partner organizations, is elevating the importance of research and innovation this election season.

What does it mean to take the pledge?

Taking the Campaign for Cures pledge means not taking medical progress -  fueled by research and innovation - for granted. Taking the pledge means not settling for the status quo. Taking the pledge means doing your part, even if you aren't a scientist. Taking the pledge means assuring that our nation's leaders will make faster medical progress a top national priority, so that we stop Alzheimer's, banish cancer and find cures to other devastating diseases. 

How do I fulfill my pledge?

When you take the pledge, you can use the link on the confirmation page to email your candidates. Want to tweet or call them instead? There are options for that, too. It's easy. And it's important.

Pledge now! 

I pledge to speak up for faster medical progress. I will tell the candidates who want to represent me in Washington how I feel and ask them where they stand.