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To ensure science agencies receive robust funding and federal policies are aligned behind securing faster medical and public health progress, your representatives in Congress need to hear from you. Click on the “Take Action” buttons below and follow the steps to contact your elected officials and encourage them to fight for robust support of science, fast-paced medical progress, and advances in public health!


Urge Congress to Complete funding For Science

CRs Stop Progress!

Members of Congress have passed a continuing resolution (CR), flat-funding the government until November 21. It is imperative that they complete the Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) funding process before the November 21 deadline in order to avoid stalled scientific, health, and medical progress.


Help Repeal the Medical Device Tax

In January 2018, Congress acted on a bipartisan basis to temporarily suspend the medical device excise tax, the second consecutive two-year suspension of this tax. Legislation pending in Congress would repeal the tax once and for all. Bipartisan opposition to the medical device tax stems from its negative impact on research and development. Medical devices - diagnostics, joint replacements and other prosthetics, pacemakers, and more - play a crucial role in health and healthcare. It is time to end this tax, leveling the playing field for medical device R&D. Weigh in with your Congressional delegation now!


In order to enhance our understanding of disease and discover life-saving breakthroughs, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) relies on the support of Congress. Encourage your elected officials to take a leadership role in the Senate and House NIH Caucuses!


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