March for Science

Washington, DC
Event Date: 
Saturday, April 14, 2018

From Washington, D.C. to Abuja, Nigeria, science supporters across the globe are mobilizing. Events range from science expos and festivals to rallies and large-scale marches but they are united with shared goals. March for Science events energize science advocates from multiple spheres to create tangible change and call for greater accountability of public officials to enact evidence-based policy that serves all communities.   

The March for Science event in Washington, D.C., along with similar activities across the country and around the world, provides opportunities for scientists from all disciplines to elevate their level of civic engagement and amplify how science serves society, accelerating medical progress, saving lives and creating a better world for the next generation. 

In 2017, thousands of people marched for science as citizens and scientists, parents and children, technicians and teachers, workers and retirees, doctors and patients. They marched to say our collective future is more hopeful with science – and at risk without it. They affirmed that science is exciting, essential to human well-being and economic prosperity, and a foundation for sound policy. 

More than 175 satellite events around the world have already registered to participate in the 2nd annual event. For more information, visit

In addition to supporting new discoveries and innovations, Research!America and other partner organizations conducted outreach programs in cities and countries worldwide, helping hundreds of thousands of members become ever more involved in public engagement. For more information on how Research!America and other organizations were involved in the 2017 March for Science, click here


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Director of Communications 

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