• Research Takes Cents.  Research Takes Cents compare selected American leisure spending to the costs associated with conducting research.
  • Then, Now, Imagine. Then-Now-Imagines describe the state of a condition or disease years ago (then), how research has improved the situation (now) and what further research might bring in the future (imagine).
  • Public opinion polling. Inform your messaging and your elected officials by knowing what really matters to the American public.  Research!America has both national and state data, as well as some topic-specific polling data.
  • Economic Impact of Research. Research!America tracks the federal research funding by state as well as the economic impact of investments in research on state, and sometimes district level.
  • Fact Sheets. Use Research!America's many fact sheets to find examples to support your messages.
  • Resources and Reports on R&D Spending. This list of resources provides a robust array of data (recent and historical) on U.S. R&D investment, with a particular focus on funding for health-related research and development.

Messaging Strategies