The GEOFFREY BEENE BUILDERS OF SCIENCE AWARD recognizes those who have provided inspiration and determination in building an outstanding home for research. Eligible candidates for the award are distinguished medical, health, and scientific research administrators, scientists and other leaders who have demonstrated their commitment to and advocacy for research by building an outstanding scientific research institution. 

Dr. Myron “Mike” Levineco-recipient of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation Builders of Science Award, is the Simon and Bessie Grollman Distinguished Professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSoM), the associate dean for Global Health, Vaccinology and Infectious Diseases, and founder of the Center for Vaccine Development (CVD). He was elected to the National Academy of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences (formally the Institute of Medicine) in 1995. Dr. Levine has worked on vaccine research since 1970 and is a pioneer of the discipline of “vaccinology.” After founding CVD in 1974, he served as director until 2015. He oriented CVD to fill the niche of developing vaccines to prevent certain infections that have enormous disease burdens in impoverished populations and developing countries but cause little burden in the U.S. and other industrialized countries. This includes research to develop vaccines against intestinal infections such as cholera, Shigella dysentery, typhoid fever, and non-typhoidal Salmonella infections. He has spent considerable time working in developing countries on the epidemiology and prevention of enteric infections. His 50-year research career has covered basic vaccine development, clinical trials (safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy), and impact following vaccine introduction. He has trained vaccine researchers globally.  


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Myron M. Levine, MD, DTPH - 2020 Geoffrey Beene Foundation Builders of Science Award