Research!America Salutes the Life and Legacy of Senator Mark O. Hatfield

Monday, August 8, 2011

The medical and health research community mourns the loss of Senator Mark O. Hatfield who died Sunday evening in Portland, Oregon.

Senator Hatfield's distinguished leadership included six years as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. "Senator Hatfield demonstrated a passionate belief that health and research for the health of all Americans are national priorities," said Research!America's chair, former Illinois Congressman John Edward Porter. "He was a ‘giant' of the Congress who believed deeply in bipartisanship and working with all Members of the Congress to make good things happen for the country. As chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Hatfield fought for strong growth in appropriation for the National Institutes of Health. During his chairmanship funding for the NIH increased an average of nearly 10 percent a year."

Senator Hatfield was a recipient of Research!America's pinnacle award - The Edwin C. Whitehead Award for Medical Research Advocacy. "Senator Hatfield understood that medical and health research not only improves the quality of life, but affords the nation the highest economic return of any federal investment," said Mary Woolley, president and CEO of Research!America. With encouragement from Senator Hatfield, Research!America developed a series of outreach programs with schools of government and public policy formally launched at the Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University in Oregon.

In 2005 the Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center was opened on the campus of the NIH. The 870,000-square-foot Hatfield Building is the largest clinical research hospital in the world.

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