American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists: February 2017

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists: February 2017

Arlington, VA
Advancing the capacity of pharmaceutical scientists to develop products and therapies that improve global health.

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) is a professional, scientific organization of approximately 8,000 members employed in academia, industry, government, and other research institutes worldwide. AAPS advances the capacity of pharmaceutical scientists to develop products and therapies that improve global health. AAPS members primarily come from a pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, or pharmacy field of study. AAPS members also represent those scientists from complimentary disciplines, such as chemistry, biology, engineering, and medicine, involved in the discovery, development, and manufacture of pharmaceutical products and therapies.

The pace at which new diseases emerge and spread in today’s world presents both challenges and inspiration for members of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS).  Pharmaceutical scientists are critical to shaping global public health and being at the forefront of medical research and therapeutic discovery.  Ultimately, pharmaceutical scientists are seeking to prevent and cure disease.  They contribute to every facet of medical research including drug discovery, translational research, clinical practice and manufacturing of essential medicines. Moreover, pharmaceutical scientists impact health at every stage of life from childbirth through elder care, making it vital that medical research is dynamic and ongoing.

As an organization, AAPS is dedicated to supporting the capacity of pharmaceutical scientists to do their work as best as possible.  By offering high quality educational experiences via webinars, e-courses, workshops and peer-reviewed publications, as well as valuable cross-specialty learning and networking opportunities, AAPS works to support scientists through all stages of their academic and professional development.  Over its 30 year history, AAPS has strived to be a valued, unbiased scientific resource by actively engaging its members and the broader scientific community. 

Through this strategy of engagement, AAPS is committed to working collaboratively with partners, such as Research!America, who share an interest in supporting sound scientific research. AAPS is committed to increasing awareness of the enormous value and benefits deriving from medical research and the vital role that research plays in sustaining human health. It’s essential that public policy support an environment where ethical, responsible medical research can thrive. Like many in the research community, funding for biomedical research is a critical issue facing our nation’s research enterprise, since sustained and predictable funding can be difficult to come by.

“Many pharmaceutical scientists work in laboratories where the focus is on basic research, which is the starting point to creating medicines that are safe and effective for patient consumption. Without the policies and funding to support fundamental science, and the applied science that follows, our society’s ability to prevent and treat disease would be severely limited,” said AAPS President Binodh DeSilva.

In support of the AAPS mission, the organization has provided comment on regulatory guidance, developed white papers to advance scientific thinking, and hosted forums for preeminent scientists to share their research and findings. In the past year, AAPS has begun the development of a proactive advocacy program and is working with members and key partners to create a data-driven strategy based on the needs of its members and the pharmaceutical science community. AAPS will help members to identify priority issues, as well as create awareness among members about the opportunities to engage with policymakers and federal agencies.  As part of this advocacy plan, AAPS is proud to engage with Research!America, an organization that has provided important leadership and knowledge in support of federal research funding.

As a new year begins, AAPS and its members are excited for new opportunities while continuing to remain focused on the long term vision of transforming scientific discoveries into better medicine to improve global health.

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You can change the image of things to come. But you can’t do it sitting on your hands … The science community should reach out to Congress and build bridges.
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